Kurtadamlar is a Turkish hard rock band from Ankara. The band consists of three members who are friends from college. “Kurtadam” (or “kurt adam”) literally means wolfman / werewolf in Turkish. Kurtadamlar is the plural form of the word thus meaning wolfmen or werewolves. Kurtadamlar brings together the lo-fi edgy sound of early heavy metal giants such as Motorhead and Black Sabbath with the outrageous and glamorous music of the 80s. Kurtadamlar has covered songs from a variety of artists including Nirvana, the Black Keys, Blur, Arctic Monkeys and Metallica over the years. In 2022, Kurtadamlar released a cover album titled “Electric Heart: A Mixtape of Covers by Kurtadamlar.” Kurtadamlar is currently working on their next album that will feature all-original songs, and this time, in Turkish. The album, titled “Hayvanlar Gibi” (meaning like animals) will include new songs as well as a few new-old stock that will be rearranged to reflect Hayvanlar Gibi’s powerful and emotional vibes.